Version 2.3

Evaluate FCurves Transforms

A new Evaluate FCurves Transforms node was added to evaluate location, rotation, and scale fcurves at an arbitrary frame.

Auto Execution

A new Scene Changed option was added to the Auto Execute panel. This option makes Animation Nodes execute if anything changes in the scene, which is much more efficient that the existing Always which superfluously executes in most cases. This is now the default.

3D Viewer

The 3D Viewer node now allows viewing splines.

3D Viewer


The Evaluate MIDI Track node now supports controlling the Decay time as well as its interpolation and the Sustain level. So it now supports the full ADSR envelope. The node now also have a new Velocity Sensitivity input, which attenuates the MIDI note values by their velocity if 1, does nothing if 0.


The Insert Custom Attribute node now allows overwriting existing attributes.

Input and output mesh nodes now support built-in attributes.

3D Viewer

Object Instancer

The Add To Main Container advanced option was replaced with a Container Type option, which specifies where the new instanced objects will be added. They can be added to the Main Collection as before, to the Scene Collection of the scenes provides by the user through the Scenes input, or to the Collections provided by the user through the Collections input.

Lamp Data

A new Lamp Input and Lamp Output nodes were introduced to get and set lamp data like Color and Energy.


The Get Spline Length and Float To Text nodes were vectorized.


Animation Nodes no longer setup unused subprograms, so it should be much faster for files with many node trees with subprogram assets.