Curve Object Output


This node takes a list of splines and write them to a curve object. It is possible to insert a single spline because the node is vectorized.


  • Splines - A list of splines that form the curve.
  • Bevel Depth - The radius of curve.
  • Bevel Resolution - An integer that defines the number of vertices of the curve. Notice that the original number of vertices of the curve is 4 and the integer defines the extra number of vertices to be added.
  • Extrude - Amount of extrusion applied to the curve.
  • Bevel Start - A factor that defines the start of beveling.
  • Bevel End - A factor that defines the end of beveling.
  • Offset - The amount of offset applied to the curve.
  • Preview Resolution - The quality of the curve. (The number of loops that connect the two handles)
  • Taper Object - A curve to use as a factor for the radius of the curve.
  • Bevel Object - A curve to use as a shape for the curve.
  • Fill Mode - A string that defines the mode for filling the curve, Possible modes can be known from the advanced node setting panel.


  • Object - The output curve.