Mesh Points Scatter


This node scatters random points on a mesh surface based on weight.


  • Node Seed - Side from the Seed input, this extra seed parameter enables you to get different random vectors if the Seed input in not free, that is, it is dependent on some property that you can’t freely control, for instance, when using multiple Random Vector nodes in a loop while using the index as a seed, you can change the node seed to get different vectors for each node. Animation Nodes automatically changes the Node Seed when you duplicate or add a new Random Vector node.


  • Mesh - The mesh.
  • Seed - A integer that specify the seed for random points.
  • Amount - A integer that specify the amount of random points on the mesh surface.
  • Weights - A float list of weight (vertex weight, falloff strength, etc) can control the scattering of points on the mesh surface.


  • Points - A vector list that contains the random points.

Advanced Settings

  • Use Advanced Method for mesh sampling - This option allows to use Ear Clip method to triangulate mesh for mesh sampling.