Bmesh From Object


This node returns a bmesh type for the input object.

It is not recommended to use this node if you are not going to use bmesh operations and just want to get mesh data, because it is a lot slower to create.(Object Mesh Data node can get the same data in about 33x the speed of the bmesh)


  • Object - An object.
  • Use World Space - This option allows you to choose between local and global coordinates space for the output vectors (vertices location).
  • Use Modifiers - This option if enabled will return the data as modifiers were applied, that includes both the generative and deformative modifiers.
  • Scene - The scene the object exist in.


  • Bmesh - A bmesh type.


  • Using Bmesh doesn’t mean that the info will be updated on the fly when you are in edit mode editing, you will have to change to object mode to update the edits you applied.