Spline Curvatures

Spline nodes now return spline curvatures when possible. A low curvature value means the spline is mostly straight at this point, while a high curvature value means the spline is mostly curved or bent at this point. One can use this information to remove points at the straight portions of the spline as they don’t provide any signification information to the shape of the spline.

Offset Spline

The Offset Spline node is now vectorized.

Curve Object Output

A new Fill Caps, Bevel Mode, and Taper Mode inputs were added to the Curve Object Output node.

Evaluate Spline

A new Matrix output was added, it returns a matrix that is aligned with the tangent and normal of the spline at the evaluation point and scaled by the radius of the spline at the evaluation point.

A new Wrap Parameters option was added to the Advanced Node Settings. If enabled, the input parameters will wrap around the [0, 1] range. For instance, a parameter of 1.1 will be wrapped to 0.1 and a parameter of -0.1 will be wrapped to 0.9. This can be used to animate points along the spline such that they start again after reaching the end of the spline.

The Use Range option was removed and replaced by an Evaluation Type option. The option includes a new mode of operation Range Step, which evaluates the spline on a uniform range with a specified step size.

Spline Info

A new Material Index output was added. It returns the material index of the input spline.

Spline From Points

A new Material Index input was added. It defines the material index of the spline.

Spline From Object

The Spline From Object node can now get splines from text objects. Additionally, a new Apply Modifiers input was added.

Transform Spline

The Transform Spline node was vectorized.

Set Spline Radius

A new option to change the vectorization behavior was added. It is now possible to set the radius per spline or per point in each spline.

Bevel Spline

The Bevel Spline node was added. The node bevels the points of a poly spline.