Mesh Object Output

The Material Indices input was removed. Material indices are now part of the mesh structure, stored as a built-in attribute. Use the new Material Indices input in the Combine Mesh node instead.

Regular Polygons

Menu and search entries were added to regular polygons, including Pentagon, Hexagon, Heptagon, and Octagon. Those entries add a Circle node with the appropriate number of points.

BMesh Mesh Data

A new Material Indices output was added.

Polygon List Socket

Polygon Lists can now be implicitly converted into Integer Lists.

Mesh Info

New Material Indices and Custom Attribute Names outputs were added.

Bmesh From Object

The Apply Modifiers and Scene inputs were removed. This was done in response to an API change which removed the corresponding options from Blender.

Shade Object Smooth

The Shade Object Smooth node now allows smoothing curve objects.

Line Mesh

The Line Mesh node now outputs the edge and polygon indices of the mesh.

Get Custom Attribute

The Get Custom Attribute node was added. The node gets the data of a custom attribute.

Insert Custom Attribute

The Insert Custom Attribute node was added. The node inserts a new custom attribute to the mesh.

Set Custom Attribute

The Set Custom Attribute node was added. The node changes the value of an existing custom attribute.

Mesh Points Scatter

The Edges mode is added to Mesh Points Scatter node. It allows scattering of points on mesh edges. Now, this node also outputs matrices and normals for random points.

Find Shortest Path

The Find Shortest Path node was added. This node find path(s) from source(s) on mesh island(s) using modified Dijkstra’s algorithm.