Distribute Matrices

A new Spline mode was added to the Distribute Matrices node. This option lets you distribute matrices along a spline. The matrices are oriented such that its local axis align with the tangent and normal to the spline.

Distribute Matrices Spline

A height input and interpolation inputs controlling the rate of change of the radius and the height were added to the Spiral mode of the node.

Distribute Matrices Spiral

A center and an axis options were added to the Linear mode to center the distributed matrices and align them on the chosen axis.

A plane axis option was added to the Circle mode to define the plane at which the circle will lie.

A new Hexagonal Grid mode was added.

It is now possible to search for the node using the name of its modes. For instance, searching for Spiral will add a node with its mode set to spiral.

Transform Matrix

The Transform Matrix node was vectorized.

Extract Matrix Basis

The Extract Matrix Basis node was added.

Mix Matrices

The Mix Matrices node was vectorized.