Spline Normals

Spline nodes now return spline normals when possible. Normals, while arbitrary, are guaranteed to be sufficiently continues with low deviations for visually pleasing results.

Spline Normals

Spline Tilt

Splines nodes can now deals with spline tilt.

Tilt Spline

A new Tilit Spline node was added. The node alters the tilt of the spline and can so in an accumulative manner.

Splines From Edges

A new Spline Per Branch option was added. It minimizes discontinuity by forming splines from branches instead of edges. A comparison between the old approach and the new option is shown in the following example.

Spline Per Branch

Evaluate Spline

A new Evaluate Range option was added.

Spline Evaluate Range

Get Spline Samples

This node was removed. Replaced by the Evaluate Range option of the Evaluate Spline node.

Tilt Spline

The Tilt Spline node vectorized, now it allows to set tilt of multiple splines.

Change Spline Direction

A new Change Spline Direction node added that allows to switch the direction of a spline or a spline list.

Spline From GP Stroke

A new Spline From GP Stroke node added. This allows to convert gp stroke(s) into spline(s). So with this node one can convert a gp object into a curve object.

Offset Spline

A new Offset Spline node added. This node allows to offset location, radius and tilt of a spline with the falloff.

Trim Spline

The node now returns an empty spline if the start and end are equal.