Collection Info

This node was added. It return the objects and children in the input collection.

Collection Info

Object Group Operation

This node was updated to deal with collections and it was renamed to Collection Operations node.

Objects From Group

This node was removed. Replaced by the Collection Info node.

Set Layer Visibility

This node was removed.

Object Transforms Input

Evaluating transforms at certain frames is no longer possible. The new action system can be used for that.

Shape Keys From Object

The reference key is no longer included in the output keys list.

Object Color Output

A new Object Color Output node added. This node allows to set the viewport color of the object which can also be utilize for object material.

Copy Object Data

A new Deep Copy option was added to the Copy Object Data node. If enabled, the object data data-block will be copied before being set.

Object Instancer

The Object Instancer node now remove instanced objects even if they have users. Additionally, a new option to create Grease Pencil objects was added.