Grease Pencil

Newly added grease pencil nodes allows to get and modify grease pencil object data (layers, frames, strokes), and create new grease pencil objects from scratch with nodes. The grease pencil nodes can be divided three categories Input nodes, Output nodes and Modify nodes.

Input Nodes

There are four input nodes GP Object Input, GP Layer Info, GP Frame Info, and GP Stroke Info. These nodes allows to get the information about the grease pencil object e.g., layers, frames, strokes.

Output Nodes

There are five input nodes GP Stroke From Points, GP Stroke From Spline, GP Frame From Strokes, GP Layer From Frames, and GP Material Output. These nodes allows to create gp object from the input data.

Modify Nodes

There are eight modify nodes Set GP Layer Attributes, Replicate GP Layer, Transform GP Layer, Offset GP Layer Frame, Set GP Stroke Attributes, Replicate GP Stroke, Transform GP Stroke, and Offset GP Stroke. These nodes allows to modify the layers and strokes.