Object Transforms Output

The Object Transforms Output node has a new UI for enabling transformation channels. The node now supports editing the delta transforms of object. Delta transforms are transforms that are added on top of the current transforms. So now you can define objects relative transforms without any ID keys. If you want to change the delta transforms you have to enable this option in the advanced settings. The node is also vectorized, so you may edit delta transforms for multiple objects.

Object Attribute Input

The node now has an operator to create an execution trigger for the property at the input path ID.

Object Attribute Output

The node is now vectorized and can take a list of object. When the input is a list of object, thee Multiple Values option appears. Now you have two options. To set the input value to all object or to provide a list of values to be set to objects element wise.

Object Data Path Output

Has a new cache to allow faster execution. The cache can be cleared from the advanced settings.

Armature Info

This node was newly added and it gives access to some information about bones of the input armature like their centers, transformation matrix, directions, lengths, tails, heads and more.

Object Instancer

The object instancer node now have an option to hide the source object.