All number nodes that can be vectorized are now vectorized.

Float Range

Float Range node can now generate floats inside the closed interval [start, stop]. This can be done by choosing the Start/Stop option. The node now is 400x faster than before.


Random Number

Random Number node can now generate a list of random floats. This can be done by checking the Create List button beside the node seed. The node is now 400x faster than before.


Map Range

Map Range node has a new UI for easier and faster workflow. And it is vectorized, so it can now remap a list of floats.


Float Math

Math node is now 200x faster. It is vectorized such that you can operate on two lists element wise, operate on a single list for single input operations and operate on a list and a value where the value is added, multiplied, etc to all the value of the list.

The math node also have a new UI feature: A small menu called Quick Settings will appear whenever the node is duplicated. This menu includes four buttons which convert the type of the math node to addition, multiplication, subtraction or division. This allow faster conversion if needed. If you don’t want to convert, then pressing the check mark will hide the menu telling AN that this is the type you want. Moreover, a button is present in the advanced node settings that hide the menu for all nodes in the current node tree.

Float can now be automatically converted to Integer without an extra node.


There is a new Number Constants node which provides easy access to a few constants.