New socket type: Falloff.

Removed socket types: Vertex, Polygon.

The BMesh socket has a new color.

Data Inputs

Input of data input nodes like input integer, float are now hidden because it confuses people. It can be unhidden just like any node if needed.



Converter node now has a lock button to lock the data type and stop it from changing the output socket automatically.


Loops Generator Output

Generators are now vectorized which means they can append multiple values if given a list.



In the Group Input node the socket is renamed from New Parameter to New Input.

In Group Output node, the socket is renamed from New Return to New Output.


There are two new advanced settings:

    • Inline Expression
      Reduces function call overhead. The speedup is only notable when the expression is very small. When deactivated expressions like sin(x) can be used. To archive the same thing when the setting is activated use math.sin(x).
    • Fixed Data Type
      Forbid the node to change the output type automatically. This is automatically activated when the output type is selected manually.


Keyboard Shortcuts

Animation Nodes currently uses the W, E and U key in the node editor. The W and E key have not changed since the last release but the U key now opens a popup that not only shows the advanced settings of a node but also its sockets. This is useful as some nodes have hidden sockets or allow reordering/deletion of sockets.

Furthermore there is a new shortcut (shift ctrl Q) to disable Auto Execution for all AN trees. This is helpful when you accidentally made a mistake and the execution time becomes very long.

3D Viewport

An option to show the indices of vertices, edges and polygons is available under the display panel in properties menu now. Note that this option is designed to be used in object mode.



Templates were removed. There will be a better template system in the future.

Remove Node Tree

There is now a button to remove the current node tree.


Measure Execution Time

The Measure Execution Time tool now displays the minimum execution time instead of average.


Performance Mode

Performance Mode was removed. It was absolutely useless for users.