Construct BVH Tree


This node constructs a BVH Tree from the input mesh data.


BVH trees or Bounding Volume Hierarchy trees are tree data structures that classify objects in a tree structure which then can be used in:

  • Ray Tracing
  • Collision Detection

BVH trees are convenient to do ray tracing and collision detection because they are a lot faster than traditional ray intersection operations.


  • Vector List - A vector list that contain the locations of the vertices of the mesh.
  • Polygon Indices - A polygon indices list that contain the polygon indices of the mesh.
  • Epsilon - It is the intersection threshold, it tells the BVH tree how close can a point be to the mesh so that it can be considered an intersection. So a high epsilon value will consider a point that haven’t reached the mesh surface yet an intersection. It is not recommended to use a high epsilon value as it can be very slow.


  • BVHTree - The output BVHTree.