Decompose Text


This node takes a text and decomposes it into characters, words, or lines and returns the elements with their position in 3D space as a form of matrices.


  • Decompose Type - The method used for decomposition, can be character decomposition or word decomposition.


  • Text - The input text.
  • Font - The font to be used. Can’t be the default Blender font BFont.
  • Size - The size of the text in 3D space.
  • Character Spacing - The spacing between characters.
  • Word Spacing - The spacing between words.
  • Line Spacing - The spacing between lines.
  • Alighnment - The horizontal alignment of text. Can be LEFT, RIGHT, or CENTER.
  • Include White Spaces - If enabled, white spaces will be included in the output.


  • Transoforms - The output transforms of the elements.
  • Characters/Words - The elements.
  • Length - The number of elements.