Mix Quaternions


This node mixes between two quaternions or quaternion lists based on a factor or factor list. The mixing is done using a spherical interpolation which ensures a linear angular rate of change of rotation.


  • Clamp - The way Mix Quaternions works, a factor that is larger than 1 won’t be clamped but rather multiplied to the second quaternion. That’s why the node has an option to Clamp Factor. So if Clamp factor is enabled, Any factor that is larger than 1 will return the second quaternion.


  • Factor(s) - A float or float list that controls the amount of each quaternion(s) input to the output, where 0 means the first quaternion(s) only and 1 means the second quaternion(s) only.
  • A - First quaternion(s).
  • B - Second quaternion(s).


  • Result(s) - The resultant quaternion(s) of mixing the two quaternions or quaternion lists by the input factor(s).