Mix floats


This node linearly mixes between two floats or float lists based on a factor or factor lists.


  • Clamp - If enabled, a factor that is larger than one will be rendered one and a factor that is negative will be rendered zero. Subsequently, the output will be in the range of the input floats. If disabled, the result is computed based on the equation A(1-F)+B\*F (Where F is the factor, A, and B are the first and second floats) which accordingly may result in strange results for negative factors or factors that are larger than one.


  • Factor(s) - A float or float list that controls the amount of each float(s) input to the output, Where 0 means the first float(s) only and 1 means the second float(s) only.
  • A - First float(s).
  • B - Second float(s).


  • Result(s) - The result float(s) of mixing the two floats or float lists by the factor(s).