Create Polygon Indices


This node creates a polygon indices which then can be used to create a polygon indices list to create meshes.


  • Vertex Amount - This option generates a polygon indices of a specific number of vertices with the sequence 0,1,2,....

    • Use list - It is the option you see beside the menu, if enabled, the node will expect a list of vertices amounts and the output will be a polygon indices list that include polygon indices of corresponding vertices amounts with the sequence 0,1,2,....
  • Indices - This options convert an integer list to a polygon indices list.


  • Indices - An integer list that contain all the indices of the vertices that form the polygon. (Only available in Indices option)
  • Vertex amount(s) - The amount of vertices of the polygon, if this input was 3, the output polygon indices will be 0,1,2. (Only available in Vertex Amount option)


  • Polygon Indices - The resulted polygon indices.