Set Struct Elements


This node creates struct elements and sets their values. See demonstration for more information about struct elements.

A new key can be added using the plus button or by plugging its value into the transparent socket.


Struct elements are not lists. They are what is known as dictionaries. Dictionaries are lists but each element is known by a Keys instead of an index. A key is a string that usually explain the value it is carrying. Dictionaries unlike lists don’t care about the elements order. Dictionaries can carry multiple data types.

An example of a dictionaries : Name = Bob, Age = 19, Height = 1.70 . Notice That every element has a key (Name,Age,Height) that describe its value (Bob,19,1.70) also notice that the values can be of any data type (String,Integer,Float) it can even have a dictionary as a value.


  • Struct - The node can also be used to add keys to an existing struct and this input is where the original struct is input.


  • Struct - The input struct.