Search List Element


This node searches for a specific element and returns some information about it.


  • List - The input list.
  • Search - A value to search for. This value being of the same data type as the input list.


  • First Index - The index where the value first appeared in the list. So if the input list is [1,2,3,2] and we are searching for 2 then the First Index will be 1 because this is the index where the number 2 first appeared.
  • All Indicies - A list of the indices where the search value appeared. So using the example above the output will be [1,3] because the number 2 appeared at both these indicies.
  • Occurrences - The number of times the search value appeared on the list. So for the example above, the output will be 2 because number 2 appeared 2 times in the list.

Advanced Node Settings

  • Change type - Change the type of the list to another list type.