Remove List Element


This node removes certain list elements based on their index or their values.


  • First Occurrence - This option removes the input value at its first appearance only. So if the input value is 1 and the input list is [1,2,3,1] the output list will be [2,3,1]. Notice that the last 1 didn’t change.
  • All Occurrence - This option removes all the input values from the list. So for the previous example the output list will be [2,3].
  • Index - This option removes the element at the input index. So for the previous example with input index as 1 then the output will be [1,3,1] because 2 was at index 1.


  • List - An input list.
  • Value/Index - The index of the element or its value (Based on the selected option).


  • List - The edited list.

Advanced Node Settings

  • Change type - Change the type of the list to another list type.