List boolean Operations


This node is used to do mathematical set operations like Union, Intersection, Difference, and Symmetric Difference.


  • Union - This operation adds the 2 input lists but unlike the combine list node. If an element is shared between the 2 lists it will be considered as a single element. So input list [1,2,3] Union input list [3,4,2] outputs [1,2,3,4].
  • Intersection - This node will return a list of elements that are common between the 2 input lists. So input list [1,2,3] intersection input list [3,4,5] outputs [3], because it is shared between the 2 lists.
  • Difference - This operation will remove the elements of input list 1 from input list 2. So if input list [1,2,3] difference input list [3,4,5] outputs [1,2]. Notice that 3 was removed because it is in list 2.
  • Symmetric Difference - This operation return the elements from both lists if those elements are not shared between both lists. So input list [1,2,3] Symmetric Difference input list [3,4,5] output [1,2,4,5]. Notice that 3 was not included because it is in both lists.


  • List 1 - An input list.
  • List 2 - An input list.


  • List - The result of the set operation.