Get Random List Element


This node returns a single or multiple elements from the input list randomly.


  • Node Seed - Aside from the Seed input, this extra seed parameter enables you to get different random elements if the Seed input in not free, that is, it is dependent on some property that you can’t freely control, for instance, when using multiple Get Random List Element nodes in a loop while using the index as a seed, you can change the node seed to get different elements for each node. Animation Nodes automatically changes the Node Seed when you duplicate or add a new Get Random List Element node.
  • Selection Type - Either choose to return a single random element or multiple random elements, in which case, the output list can’t have a length larger than the input list because the node doesn’t allow duplicates.


  • Seed - Seed for the random generator, where different seed return different random elements.
  • List - The input list.
  • Amount - The number of random elements in the output list. Can’t be larger than the the length of the input list. (Only in multiple option)


  • List - A list that contains random elements from the input list.
  • Indices - The indices of the elements that were chosen from the list.