Fill List


This node takes an input list and change its length by inserting an arbitrary number of the input element.

The Length input define the length of the output list, if the input list length was smaller than that number, then the input Element will be added till the length matches that of Length input. For instance, [1,2] as input list with Length equal to 5 and Element as 11, the output list will be [1,2,11,11,11], notice how 11 was added several times to form a list of length 5.

If the input list was larger than Length input then nothing happens to the list. Moreover, an empty input list would output a list of length input Length that is filled with the input Element, that’s why the node is called Fill.


  • Right - If chosen, the elements will be added at the end of the list.
  • Left - If chosen, the elements will be added at the start of the list.


  • List - An input list.
  • Length - The length of the output list.
  • Element - The element used in filling the empty spaces.


  • List - The filled list.

Advanced Node Settings

  • Make Element Copies - If enabled, the Element input will be copied before inserting, this makes sure the elements are independent of the original element used. This option don’t work for non objects, so it won’t be available if the input list was of float or integer type.