GP Layer From Frames


This node generates a gp layer from a gp frame or a gp frame list.


  • Frame(s) - A gp frame or A gp frame list.
  • Name - The name of the output gp layer.
  • Blend Mode - The blend mode of the output gp layer, e.g., REGULAR, ADD, SUBTRACT, etc.
  • Opacity - The opacity of the output gp layer.
  • Use Lights - It enable the use of lights on gp strokes and fill materials.
  • Tint Color - The tint color of the output gp layer that tints the stroke colors.
  • Tint Factor - Factor of tinting colors.
  • Stroke Thickness - This changes the thickness of strokes in pixels.
  • Pass Index - This is the ‘Layer Index’ pass of the output gp layer.
  • Mask Layers - A gp layer list that is used for masking the output gp layer.
  • Invert Mask Layers - A boolean list that allows to invert the mask layers.


  • Layer - A gp layer.