Point List Normal


This node takes multiple vectors representing the points of a polygon and computes the normal of that polygon. At least 3 points are needed to compute the normal. If more than 3 non-coplanar points were input, the computed normal will be the average of the normals of each 3 points. If the points are collinear, the node will return a zero vector because no normal can be computed.


  • Point List - A vector list that contain the locations of the polygon’s points.


  • Normal - A unit vector representing the normal of the polygon. A zero vector if points weren’t valid, that is, collinear.
  • Is Valid - A boolean which is True if the points are not collinear and False otherwise.

Advanced Node Settings

  • N/A


The order of points matter, because the cross product is used to compute the normals. So, reversing the order of points reverse the direction of the normal.