Logic Operators


This node performs standard logical gates operations like And, Or, Xor.


  • A and B - Both A and B have to be True in order to return True. e.g. True and False = False, False and False = False, True and True = True.
  • A or B - If A or B are True or both are True then the output is True. e.g. True or True = True, True or False = True, False or False = False.
  • A xor B - If A and B are different, then the output is True. e.g. True xor True = False, True xor false = True, False xor False = False.
  • Not (A and B) - Returns True if one of them is False.
  • Not (A or B) - Returns True if both of them is False.


  • A - The first boolean.
  • B - The second value.


  • Result - The result of the operation.